This is a Rubik's Cube:

This is a Scrambled Cube:

Are you looking for a solution to the Rubik's Cube puzzle? If so, you very likely have already found quite a number of examples on the web. A nice place to start is at SpeedSolving or Wikibooks, with links to many other web pages.

A few years ago I taught myself one of these solutions. A year later, I had mostly forgotten how it is done. That is, I got stuck when trying to do the cube from memory. This explains my motivation to write up a method that relies less on memorization of clever moves and more on remembering some basic strategies.

The result is this webpage describing the 'LBL-Y Method'. It is aimed at beginners and describes a rather simple and I believe easily remembered method. Of course, that means different things to different people. Let me know what you think. My hope is that you find these pages useful.

Have fun.

BB 8/2014